All we learnt in our search for Amber

& what Amber is doing now.



Amber was found on 23rd March 2020, after being taken from outside her home 2.5 weeks earlier.  This 14 month old Ruby King Charles Cavalier from Richmond Surrey was found in North West London after a social media campaign and the determined work of 'Team Amber' who hunted high and low and used their personal experience, knowledge, professional expertise, general strengths, contacts and all means possible to find her.  

This site was originally set up to find her but will going forwards provide a resource for what Amber did next but ALSO what you can do if you lose your dog / pet.  Nothing can prepare you for the unexpected loss or theft on an animal. 

We have here tried to put together a plan to help anyone who finds themselves in the same  place.  a plan that is concise and easy to follow whilst you at the same time deal emotionally with what is going on.



Any sighting of Amber is important.  If you know or have known of her whereabouts please call the anonymous enquiry line below.
If you have found Amber and you want to return her please take her to your local vet where they can identify her.  Leave your details and we will pay you / your charity of your choice the reward .
The reward is £2500.

contact  anonymously and strictly confidentially

Animal Search UK


0800 432 0340 Quote ALP381255

OR Mobile 07767118363

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